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         Hi everybody, I am kudo Shinichi a high school detective. One day with Mouri Ran in the theme park, I saw a mysterious black dressed men trading moneys and secret documents with another person. Because I was paying attention to the scene I didn't the know black dressed men's partner was behind me. He hit me and I fainted after it, they fed me an experimental drug called APTX4869 from their organization. I thought that I'm going to die but when I woke up I became a 6 years old kid. If those black dressed men knows that I am still alive, people around me will be in danger and so when Ran asked my name I came up with Edogawa Conan. To search for those mysterious black dressed men I lived with Ran and her father Mouri Kogoro in their detective agency. I might be a 6 years old kid but my intelligent is still as smart as before and no matter what happened I will always believed there is only one truth!      

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Updates & News:
1/10/03- Detective Conan ED and OP changing on Jan 20th, OP will be a song by Mai Kurai!
2/5/03- added song of the month! hope all of u can enjoy music while surfing my website! more interactive stuff will be coming!
5/28/03- gomene, i found some translation errors so i fixed them today. BTW i suck at japanese^_^
6/16/03- added a form in the link section, soon there will be ftp ready for "leeching"

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