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Kudo Shinichi
A 17 years old famous high school detective who love Sherlock Holmes and love playing soccer. He love Ran (his best friend) so much sometime he even dream about getting marry with Ran but he just don't admit it in front of her.

Edogawa Conan
One night Shinich was checking out some mischievous black dressed men and a company's chairman trading a secret document and money, suddenly Shinichi got smash on the back by another black dressed man and fainted. They fed him a drug (APTX4869) that was meant to kill him but who knows he didn't die but turned into a 6 years old kid, his IQ is still as smart as before. He came up with this name when Ran asked him and now he lives with her.

Mouri Ran
Kogoro's only daughter and Shinichi's best friend. All time champion in karate club at school. She love Shinichi so much but she just keep it in her mind. Sometime she tell Conan her feeling about Shinichi, Conan's face turned red.

Professor Agasa (mi favorito)
Shinichi's old friend, very creative about invention but things he invented are often junk . He is the first one to know Conan is Shinichi.

Mouri Kogoro
Ran's father live separately from his wife. A stupid detective used to worked with Inspector Megure but later got fired and Conan used him to crack cases. Later on people gave him a nick "sleepy mouri kogoro".

Eri Kisaki
Ran's mother live saparately from his husband. A famous lawyer, helped Conan serveral times. Husband is a famous detective and Wife is a famous lawyer, isn't that nice? too bad they always ran into arguments.

Kudo Yasaku
Shinchi's father a famous mystery story writer. He have better skill of deducting than Shinichi. He often show up when Shinichi's having big problem with cases or made a mistake during deduction.

Kudo Yukiko
Bitmap ImageShe is Shinichi's mother a famous actress that used to catch every men's consitration. She also love deducting but skill is way behind her son and husband. She helped Conan when his true identities about to be revealed by Ran.

Suzuki Sonoko
   Ran's millionare friend, she often thinking about getting a new boyfriend. She love the phantom theif Kaitoh Kid so much even know once Kaito Kid attempted to steal her family treasure.

Kaitoh Kid
 He is one of Conan's rival, a theif but not regular he is an artful magician theif that steal the tresure and then return to real owner. Although he is only a theif, he gave the police and conan alot of headache.

Yoshida Ayumi, Tsuburaya Mitsuhiko  and Kojima Gental
Ayumi like Conan's intelligent and she often got scared. Mitsuhiko is a rich kid and smart, he likes Ayumi alot. Gental love eating and often put himself in danger, maybe because his body size is too big. He also like Ayumi.

Hatorri Heiji
He is also a famous teenage detective like Shinichi. He is the second person who knows Conan's true identities. He likes to call Conan Kudo infront of everyone so Ran often guess Conan might be Shinchi.

Toyama Kazuha
Like Shinichi and Ran, she is girlfriend of Heiji. Also friend of Ran and she often tag alone when Heiji went to solve cases. She behaves like a two years old when Heiji is mean to her.

Haibara Ai
She is the member of darkness organization, she shunk herself with the same drug that cause Shinichi shunk to Conan because she want to leave the organization. She is on Conan's side and helped him developing vaccine for the drug APTX4869. She also have great deduction skill as Conan. Currently living with professor Agasa.

Inspector Megure
Mouri's old friend who works in police force. Used to hate Mouri but now he respect Mouri because Mouri(actually Conan)solved every case he had handled.

Wataru Tagaki
Don't know much about this guy but i do know that he is from homocide division 1.

Miwako Sato
Don't know much about her either, she is also from homocide division 1.

Ninzaburo Shiratori
Again don't know much about this guy too, he is also from homocide division 1.

Yokomizo Masafumi
He is an Inspector like Megure was, from Tokyo police force.

 Gin and Vodka
They are member of Darkness Organization.Their boss was killed during an explosion. They are Conan's main rival because they are the people who shunk Shinichi to Conan.